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So my son came home from school one day and announced, “I’ve got another project.  But this time it’s cool – it’s a biome.”  Biome?  My mind drew a blank.  So here’s how the rest of the conversation went…

What's a biome?


And there you have it folks!  You see, there is educational value to be had with Minecraft!  (Okay, so you didn’t buy that either, huh?)


Regardless.  I thought it would be fun to whip up this Minecraft crossword puzzle for my son to do and see if I can impress him with my Minecraft-speak, because you know, I wouldn’t want to be accused of being a few gunpowders short of a creeper¸ if you know what I mean…

Enjoy the puzzle!




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  1. Comment by Noah:

    i cant beleve that evere one at my school even my teacher knows what a biome is. My two best firends know evere thing about minecraft evere thing. They eveen play on the PC xbox and tablets. they completed evere thing in minecraft and completed all the mds evere made. I have only completed the twilighte forest mod i am workeing on the lucky block mod right now.

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