Cryptograms for Kids

Introduce your kids to a fun way to solve cryptograms by making their very own Kids Puzzles Online Secret Decoder Wheel to decipher the answers to each of our beginner cryptograms for kids.


Each beginner puzzle will have a special cipher code to let you know what letter/number to set the wheel.  You will then use this setting to solve the puzzle.   For example, if the cipher code is F13, you turn the wheel until F and 13 line up, and solve the rest of the blanks.

No time to make a Decoder Wheel That’s ok.  Each cryptogram will also include a blank grid.  Show your child how to match up the cipher code, then fill in each blank counting all the way to 26.  Don’t forget to remind them that since there are only 26 letters in the alphabet, they have to start back at 1 when they get up to 26.  So, if using the cipher code F13, your grid would look like this:


So, using either the wheel or grid, the answer to:


would be –>>  LET’S GET STARTED!

 Beginner Cryptograms for Kids

Use your Kids Puzzles Online Secret Decoder Wheel to decipher the the answer.  Don’t have a Decoder Wheel?  That’s ok.  Just use the grid provided to fill in the code.

All About the Birds Cryptogram Chickens and birds, oh my!
The Golden Rule CryptogramIncludes lyrics from Jim Rule's fun song.
Halloween Cryptogram #1A little spooky, a little creepy, and a whole lot of funny! Enjoy these fun Halloween puzzles.
Halloween Cryptogram #2I couldn't resist. There are just TOO MANY hilarious Halloween jokes to pass up. This won't be the last Halloween-themed cryptogram, I tell you.


Intermediate Cryptograms for Kids

These cryptograms are for kids who are ready to take the next step.  They will not use the Decoder Wheel and the code numbers will be random.  However, we will provide the key to two to three letters to help them get started.

Wisdom CryptogramTaken from an old English nursery rhyme.
All About CharacterSome inspirational quotes about character.
Halloween Cryptogram #3It's TERRIFYING how funny I find these Halloween jokes!
Halloween Cryptogram #4Please stop me now, or I just might DIE from laughing!


Challenging Cryptograms for Kids

By this stage, your kids should be familiar with looking for patterns and clues in order to solve cryptograms.  As in the intermediate cryptograms for kids, these puzzles will not use the Decoder Wheel.  However, to make it more challenging, there will be no hint letters given.  Good luck!