Crossword Puzzles for Kids

Crosswords for Beginners

Kindergarten and early readers.  Easy crossword puzzles for kids  with large squares, simple words, easy clues and colorful pictures.  Most puzzles include a word list to help with spelling.  May require some parent assistance.

All About PetsFun crossword to do with super easy clues.
Fruits Picture CrosswordThis is a fun picture crossword we found on
My BodyCute puzzle for kids to label and complete
Halloween Crossword #1Trick or Treat! Fun Halloween puzzle with answer key.

Intermediate Crosswords 

Grades 2 thru 5.  For kids gaining confidence.  Slightly smaller grid, increased vocabulary, and more clues to solve.  Themes are still age-appropriate and puzzles include colorful pictures.

Australian Capital CitiesHi Oz Kids! Let's see how well you know our Land Down Under :)
Halloween Crossword Puzzlefrom Halloween Party Games. Solution can be found here.
Halloween Crossword #2Another spooky entry from Puzzle Mom.
Minecraft Crossword PuzzleJeepers creepers! It's a Minecraft puzzle! Happy spawning!
My Little PonyMy Little Pony crossword puzzle with all your favorites from Friendship is Magic series.
Spooky Crossword PuzzleHalloween crossword puzzle from Family Fun Shop.
USA Capital CitiesAnd what about the United States - how well do you know all 50 capital cities?

Challenging Crosswords 

Grade 6+.  Hard puzzles for kids that want to be more challenged.  These puzzles look similar to the adult versions found in newspapers or magazines but with age-appropriate themes and topics.

Halloween Crossword PuzzleRated "Difficult" from Halloween Party Games. Click here for solution.
Halloween Crossword (Hard)You might need a dictionary for this one. From Halloween Party Games. Click here for solution.
Squiggly's Halloween CrosswordThis is a pretty tough puzzle from Squiggly's Playhouse. I hope it doesn't SCARE you off!